One-on-One Tutorials

One-on-One Tutorials

We’ll Help You Use Your Mac with Confidence!

Our patient Mac tutors work with you in our very quiet and private studio, to make using your Mac, simple, enjoyable and fun. Sessions are custom-tailored and self-paced, allowing you to take notes, focusing on exactly what you’d like to learn, from Photos to Mail, Office to Photoshop, switching to Mac to advanced Mac skills, and much more.

At MacAdvantage, we understand that computers are intimidating, and offer one-on-one tutorials with our expert Mac tutors to help you learn how to use your Mac, iPad, or iPhone, or any piece of software. Our Apple instructors believe that everyone deserves to achieve their technological goals, and we’re here to help you do so.

Our experienced tutors will work with you to understand your goals and ensure that you walk away with the skills and confidence you need to achieve them. From beginners just getting started with their first computer to experienced users needing a refresher, our Mac gurus are experienced in working with users of all skill levels. We pride ourselves in our ability to clearly communicate technical concepts and

We believe that:

  • Everyone is able to learn to use a computer
  • Tutorials should be tailored individually and responsive to a user’s needs
  • Everyone deserves respect and patience, regardless of skill level
  • Everyone learns at their own pace and that pace must be met
  • Technical concepts should be communicated clearly and at a level appropriate for the user

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