Data Recovery

Accidentally erased your data? Need to recover files from a failing hard drive? We have proprietary techniques and software for recovering data from most storage mediums

Liquid Spill Repair

Spilled liquid on your Mac? Our technicians are specially trained to clean liquid damage and prevent or repair the corrosion of vital components.

Old Equipment Repairs

We fix hardware and software Apple will no longer support!

One-on-One Tutorials

Need help learning how to use your Mac or Apple product? Schedule a one-on-one tutorial with one of our technicians!

Remote Support

The convenience of expert Mac service, advice, and support, without leaving your home or office

Free Diagnosis

We offer a completely free, no obligation diagnosis. We’ll look at your equipment and provide you with an estimate. The decision to proceed is entirely yours.

Hardware Repairs

We do hardware repairs on all Mac laptop and desktop models, current and past!

Software Repairs

We support all versions of macOS and many third-party professional applications!


Mac Repair for the Santa Rosa Region

Since 1997

Apple Agent # AA070983
B.E.A.R. License #E82557

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